Bible Studies

We believe the Bible holds the answer to all of man's problems. We have one-on-one Bible studies available to those desiring to know more about God and the Bible.  We also offer a discipleship course for new Christians which teaches major Bible doctrines and many practical aspects of the Christian life.  You can enroll in one these by contacting the church.  We conduct a weekly Bible study in our county jail and in our long-term care facility.

Soul-winning & Visitation

We set aside times each week to take the truth of the Gospel into our community.  These visits consist of door to door, follow ups, and scheduled appointments.  Our goal is to make sure everyone has an opportunity to hear from the Bible how they can trust Jesus Christ as Savior and have a sure home in Heaven. We consistently make benevolent visits to those who are ill, elderly, and homebound.

Rogers City Baptist Academy

A K-12 academy which is open to our active members. Our desire is to educate children with excellence and a Biblical world view.

Lending Library

To help our congregation grow in the knowledge and grace of the Lord, our pastor has opened his library and study resources. This library is open during regularly scheduled services. 

Sunday School

We have a Sunday School class for every age group, from the toddlers all the way to the adults. Classes meet at 10:00am on Sundays. We use a planned curriculum for the younger ages so that they may learn every major event of the Bible. Teens and adults meet to study books of the Bible, Bible doctrines, and Bible perspectives for life.

World Missions Emphasis

We desire to be a part of reaching people all around the world with the Gospel. We believe this commandment begins at home, and continues from here throughout the world. Therefore, we support missionaries both here at home and around the world.

We believe that the local church is God’s agency to carry out His will on this earth. We also believe that God adds each member to the body of a local church, and has given each member an opportunity to minister, and be ministered to.